Krono & Molex


We are certified to cable using top quality branded products, such as Krone and Molex. Category 5 and Category 6 solutions. We install what is called a structured cabling system, where cables star out from a central point to all devices and users which could be Computers, printers Ip Telephones, faxes etc.

Category 5 (4 Pair) cable is provided for data, telephone, fax, VoIP phones, etc. Simply by patching the service in the equipment rack we will be able to connect to that device or user.
We can provide patch panels, cabling to the device. We can provide fly leads in different colours to represent different services.
We have worked on sites that have more than 1000 points. We also can do cabling on analogue pbx voice points


Fibre Optic


We are able to carry out inside plant (LAN) and outside plant (WAN) installations, as well as maintenance and repairs to all single and multimode cables.

This includes but is not limited to:

Fibre Optic Ducting.
Route builds.
Our splicing service includes the splicing of single and multimode fibre optic cables. Whether it be outdoor and indoor cables.


With ever increasing demands on networks, blown fibre provides a flexible and simple solution which can adapt as your business grows. We are capable of installing a blown fibre system for a wide range of applications, including:

FTTH – Fibre-to-the-Home -(Estates, Lifestyle Villages, Retirement Villages).
FTTH – Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) -(Flats, Apartments, Cluster Homes).
FTTB – Multiple Tenanted Units (MTU) -(Shopping Malls, Business Centres).
FTTH – Open Access Fibre Optic Network
FTTC – Fibre-to-the-Curb.
In building (LAN).
Campus and Business Parks.
City or Metropolitan Rings.
Telemetry and Intelligent Transport systems.


CCTV & Acess Control


Support and Install CCTV and Access control system of any brand. We have high skilled Technicians with alot of experince in this areaSecurity surveillance Network video’s advanced functionality makes it highly suited to the applications involved in security surveillance. The flexibility of digital technology enhances security personnel’s ability to protect people, property and assets. Such systems are therefore an especially attractive option for companies currently using CCTV

Access Control

Employees transact at the perimeter security barrier, where the biometric terminal / card reader confirms their identity, time zone validity and anti-pass-back status. We support and maintain most brands.